How to Deposit BLove Token on XchangeOn: Step By Step Guide

How to Deposit BLove Token on XchangeOn

Beginners don’t know the right process for a deposit of Blove token on Xchangeon. Most people try your self without any guidance they lose their token when following the wrong process. Don’t worry I will show you the right process on how to (convert) deposit BLV Token to BLove Coin on XchangeOn without any loss.

What is the Difference Between the BLV Token and the BLove Coin?

I think you also know the difference between in Blove token and a Blove coin. You don’t know both, so first we introduce a few words about it.

BLV (BLove) token: In April 2023 Innovation Factory launched the decentralised BLV token on the BLove network App where users stake their BLV token and earn a 5X reward. You can learn from the whole history of the Blove token to the future of this coin.

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BLove Coin: The innovation factory makes the decisions from the launch of a decentralised BLV token on a centralised platform, the name is slightly changed from BLV token to BLove coin.

What you need When Convert BLV Token to BLove Coin on XchangeOn

I will give you a quick overview of what we need before going to deposit BLove coin on Xchageon.

  1. Xchangeon account: First, Need an account on Xchangeon, don’t have to first create one, enable and activate “Two-Factor authentication (2FA)” and complete the KYC. You don’t have to follow this tutorial on how to create an account on Xchangeon.
  2. BLove network app: Secondly, need an account on the BLove network app and most importantly require a BLV token on it we can transfer on Xchangeon.

These two things are required when you want to transfer or convert a BLV token to a BLove coin on Xchangeon.

Deposit BLV Token (BLove Coin) on XchangeOn

After creating an account on Xhangeon, enabling two-factor authentication by adding an extra security layer to protect from hackers. Additionally, after verifying your KYC you can add your fund or deposit. So we guide you to deposit your BLove coin on Xchangeon in the right way.

Step 1: Log in to your Xchangeon account and make sure your KYC is verified by the Xchangeon team.

Step 2: From the top of the menu navigate the “Funds” option, and click on it.

How to Deposit BLove Token on XchangeOn

Step 3: Navigate “BLV” from the list of the crypto coin, In the action column click on “Deposit.” Make sure you select a BLV coin like the below screenshot.

How to Deposit BLove Token on XchangeOn

Step 4: Click on the “Confirm” button you will see like below screenshot. Make sure you do all steps correctly, so cross-check yourself self you select “BLV deposit” like numbers 1 and 2. Click on “Copy” Make sure you successfully copy the BLV deposit address.

Deposit BLove Token on XchangeOn

Step 5: Open your B-Love network app and click on the “Wallet” option

Blove network app

Step 6: Click on “Withdraw” option

withdraw BLV

Step 7: The withdraw pop-up is shown, You see this Choose an asset to deposit, Select the “BLV” button then click on to “confirm” button.

Choose an asset to deposit blv

Step 8: In the address input box put the BLV Deposit address you previously copied from Xchangeon. Amount enter your BLove token quantity then click on the “Submit” button.

withdraw blv token

Step 9: Go to your Xchangeon account, navigate and click on the “Sync Transaction” button. After sync, you will see your BLove coin in the “Available” section.

blove coin deposit

Congratulations your BLove coin is successfully deposited on Xchangeon.


In conclusion, the above step-by-step guide help you how to deposit BLove token on Xchangeon in the right way. If you facing any issues or have questions please comment in the below section I will help you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends when you love this post.

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