Hamster Kombat Strategy: Earn Millions of Coins Without Tapping!

Hamster Kombat Strategy

Most people are so busy in their professional jobs or main businesses that they do not have much time to mine Hamster Kombat coins regularly by tapping on the screen. After reading this post you will be able to mine a hamster kombat without tapping. So, in this post, I will share with you the tested Hamster Kombat strategy. You can earn thousands or millions of coins per hour without tapping on the screen.

Read this post till the end because I share a secret Hamster Kombat Strategy that helps boost your earnings ultimately. So let’s start to implement my secret strategy to earn Hamster Kombat coins without tapping.

Understand the Profit Per Hour Concept Inside Hamster Kombat

90% of people mine Hamster Kombat coins by tapping they don’t know what profit per hour and how they work. Before going to profit per hour first understand the screen I highlighted.

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Those who only mine coins by tapping focus on “Earn per tap,” Earn per tap is 4 which means you earn 4 coins in a single tap. Many people search for how to boost earnings per tap, but this depends on your game “Level,” higher level earn per tap also higher.

Hamster Kombat

Miners not thinking about Profit per hour, You can see the red highlighted are that have below the “Binance” name. My profit per hour is 74.5K which means I earn 74.5K Hamster Kombat coins every single hour. Just calculate every minute, and I earn 1241.66 coins, in 24 hours I earn 1.7 Million coins without tapping. If you want to implement this hack on your account just follow me.

Hamster Kombat Strategy: Earn Big Coins Without Tapping!

Mainly have four sections to earn profit per hour, below are practical examples plus some mathematical calculations. Additionally, that helps in finding profitable tokens or plans.

1. Markets

Open the Hamster Kombat game app, click on Mine from the bottom of the Main menu, and inside click on the “Markets” option shown in the screenshot.

Hamster Kombat game app

Inside the “Markets” option I select “Fan Tokens” The reason behind this is that you earn a profit per hour of 8.22K coins. When I invest 55.16K coins for this level 7 Fan tokens. You just forget about level 7 you just focus on the concept.

First, we calculate how much time is required to return my actual investment

Investment = 55.16K

Profit per hour = 8.22K

Time Required to get Investment = {Investment / profit per hour}

= {55.16K /8.22K}

Time Required to get Investment = 6.71 hour

After investing in these “Fan Tokens” I get my return in just 6.21 hours then generate profit for me. Do this calculation before investing and make sure which one generates profit quickly.

Here are some best cards that help increase incomes from various market operations:

Fan tokens, Staking, BTC Pairs, ETH pairs, Meme coins, Defi2.0 tokens, Margin trading x10 (x20, x30, x50, x75, x100) Prediction markets, Derivatives, Web3 integration, DAO, P2P trading, Trading bots.

2. PR&Team

The long form of PR&Team is public relations and team, in this section, you can generate more coins per hour. But you need to calculate first to understand which gives fast returns. Here are some best PR&Team.


Support team, HamsterBook, X, HamsterTube, HamsterGram, TikTok, CoinDesk, Influencers, CEO, IT team, Marketing, Security Team, BisDev team, UX and UI team, QA team, VC labs, Risk management team, Anonymous transaction ban, Tokenomics expert etc

3. Legal

In the legal section has some operational activity, before selecting any activity first calculate how much time is taken to generate profit. Here also use the above mathematical calculation to make sure which is best.

Hamster Legal

Additionally, below we select some of the activities that give fast profit but remember to make sure your own.

KYC, KYB, Legal opinion, License UAE, License Europe, License Asia, License South America, License Australia, License North America, License Nigeria etc

4. Specials

These special cards come up with unique bonuses and can give more profits but that takes 1 to 2 days to get your investment. These cards are more expensive but after 2 days they start to generate profits. The main purpose of buying these cards, other card access is open or more profitable cards are open.

Hamster Kombat Strategy

Secret Hamster Kombat Strategy Tips to Boost Your Earning

My experience is investing daily for 10 to 15 minutes you can earn millions of coins without tapping. So, follow beloved six strategical tips to enhance your mining to the next level.

  1. To get coins, finish your daily duties.
  2. Invest in earned coins consistently to enhance your exchange. This will expedite the process of earning.
  3. Sign up for official channels and take advantage of airdrops.
  4. To maximize your earnings, buy cards from the “Specials” area.
  5. Draw in suggestions for your hamster’s rapid advancement and optimal development.
  6. Boosters can be used to raise the energy limit and increase production.

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In conclusion, by following these four Hamster Kombat strategies and following some tips covered in this post you earn millions of coins per hour. This is a tested strategy and 100% work. Again If you have any doubts or questions feel free to comment in the below section I’II answer you. If you love this practical guide to earning without tapping so share this valuable post with your friends.

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