B-Love Token Listing Date Out: Is Profitable?

B-Love Token Listing Date

B-Love Token Listing Date has been announced by Innovation Factory and that will be listed on Xchangeon, where you can sell and buy it easily.

In this post, I will give you complete information about the date of listing, price prediction and profit or loss for those who buy B-Love Tokens. Let’s know all these things by reading these posts.

History of B-Love Token

Before going to a listing date of the B-love token, newcomers don’t know about this token. So first we start with the history of these new B-Love tokens.

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In just 4 months since the launch of B-Love Token, has reached 5 million users. Innovation Factory never expected that B-Love Token would grow so fast.

B-love token was launched in the previous (2023) year, this is a community-oriented cryptocurrency that builds the largest (Globally) crypto community. This token deployed on the BFIC blockchain, Now they going to list it on Xchangeon as a B-Love coin.

  • Initial Supply: 3 Trillion
  • Maximum Supply: 20 Billion
  • Supply Burn: 10% Every Month

B Love network app is available on the Play Store showing the market cap of B-Love Token (BLV) as $3,000,000,000,000 BLV on April 10, 2024. The total supply of BLV is 20,000,000,000.

B-Love Token Reward System: There is a main reason behind this growth. When you buy the token, the company gives you a 5X reward to the customer. That’s why B-Love Token has grown so fast.

Let’s take an example to understand: Suppose you buy 1000 B-Love Tokens, and the company will give you 5X i.e. 5000 B-Love Tokens. But how, every day the buyer had to open the app and tap on the love symbol. After tapping, mining would start and the buyer would get 1% B-Love Tokens which means 100 tokens per day. As long as you mine, you will get rewards. At this time B-love network stopped the reward because there reward token was empty.

What Price of a BLV Token Before Listing?

In the last year, the B-Love token launched at $0.01 after one year this price jumped to $0.50. I am thinking those who buy BLV at the price of $0.01, now gain 50X profit but we are wrong.

After the research, I understand this is the internal price of BLV. There is no option to sell BLV online If you want to sell them, You need an offline buyer to buy from you.

BLV token is under of innovation factory they putting a lot of effort into launching on 50+ platforms, so users can buy and sell online in one click.

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After Listing B-Love Token on Xchangeon, What the Pricing will be?

Omar Khan, founder of B Love Network came live on 8 April 2024 to tell the BLV community we list the BLV on 4 May 2024 on xchangeon. And also talk about BLV price the price is $0.0123 announced.

Additionally, predict what the price will be in September 2024. That said based on company planning, the team’s effort and B-Love community support we hit at least $2 in September 2024.

My opinion: Yes, I have been part of the B-love network community for the last 11 months. I say with you actually what going in pricing.

Based on my research and years of experience. B love will be hitting the price of $0.891 to $1.091 floating between September 2024.

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B-Love Token Listing Date Is?

There is no doubt that B-Love Taken has completed 1 year. This project was only 500 days. After its 500 days, Innovation Factory will launch B-Love Token on 50+ platforms. However, the company changed their decision due to the rapid growth of B-Love. Finally, within a year B-Love Token is launched. You will be able to sell and buy directly on Xchangeon from May 4, 2024.

Innovation Factory will list the B-Love Token on XchangeOn. This is a good opportunity for you. You can make your money 100X in just 4 months.

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B-Love Coin/Token is Profitable in Future?

Many companies have come and gone in the world of cryptocurrency scams and some have gone bankrupt. To trust B-Love Token or not? Do you believe, that B-Love Token will generate profit in future? There are many such questions in the minds of investors.

I am going to tell you about my experience and prediction. How much profit will I get? Can this tip be trusted? And will it give us profit in future.?

I invested $100 and got 5000 B-Love Tokens plus a 5X reward ie 25,000 B-Love Tokens and bought at a rate of $0.02 per BLV.
Have a total of 30,000 BLV. I have decided to sell them on Dec-2024. My prediction is that BLV will hit $1 then.

Profit calculation:

Total BLV I have: 30,000

BLV Rate (predicted in December 2024): $1

Profit I getting: $1 X 30,000 – $100 (Investment)

profit in December 2024 = $29,900

Investing in B-love tokens is profitable for the long term.


In conclusion, the B-love token is listed on the date 4 May 2024 announced by the innovation factory CEO Omar Khan. After listing B-Love token is converted name as a B-Love coin when they list on Xchangeon.

In September 2024 innovation factory plans to list B-Love coin on 50+ platforms. After listing the company predicts B-Love coin price is booming up to $2.

Again If you have any doubts or questions feel free to comment in the below section I will answer you.

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